Mark Effinger. This is a snapshot of a life well-lived.

Mark Alan Effinger's Bio:

Seasoned entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial business champion. Serial Entrepreneur. One Inc. 500 success. Technology product development and marketing. From advertising to laser to internet and software. Working with CEOs, company founders and management remains a passion. Clear grasp of the startup-to-sellout process, including most of the nuts and bolts of getting companies through the hurdles. Follow technology and business trends, and apply the good ones daily. The death of my former wife from a painkiller overdose put me on the path to creating high-performance experiential nutritional supplements. After 4 years of development, we released a product often considered the "Limitless NZT-48" as in the movie. We applied LEAN Startup methodologies, bootstrapped it, and have experienced 3500% growth over the first year (now 5,100% over 29 months). An ideal blend of head and heart in an important, life-enhancing technology. I want the resources to move the needle in terms of making a difference while we make healthy profits (we've got employees to feed, right?). I firmly believe we can add value both locally (in how we treat employees and our environment) and globally (how we empower people. How much we give back). All while having fun. Specialties: Biochemistry Nootropic Development Hormone Optimization Brain Optimization Product development Found engineering Social Media Strategies Startup-to-Sellout expertise Online Media and SEO-SEM Management team development Software development & marketing Internet & eCommerce development and marketing

Mark Alan Effinger's Experience:

  • Mark Effinger - CEO - Dedicated Rocket Surgeon at WebNutrients

    Make better decisions. Remember every detail. Turn your brain on "high". Remember PF Flyers? Their slogan was "Run Faster, Jump Higher - with PF Flyers". WebNutrients are just like that - but for your mind. We make custom, natural brain nutrients (nootropics). They help you become radically faster, smarter and clearer thinking. If you saw the movie Limitless, that's our True North. We can get you to ~60-75% of that right now. And getting better every day. We undo the damage that 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull and a triple machiatto do to your mind and body. And replace it with crystal-clear thinking. Solid decision making. Intense focus. The ability to juggle complex ideas. Improved pattern recognition. Eliminate ADD/ADHD. Bring on project completion. We started down this path in 1993. And accelerated the research and product development over the last three year. To bring you the most effective brain nutrition and acceleration available. Need to know more? Drop by the website. And watch for more coming your way asap.

  • CEO & Lead Vocals at RichContent Corporation

    Flyer of the flag called "Permanent Media Placement". We create online ads and media placements that last forever. And work to draw truly qualified and interested visitors to your web site and business. We leverage your existing content, or create media from scratch. Video, Audio, Images, PR, Articles, Blog Posts, Links... to create a pervasive presence for our clients. I am fortunate to be get to work with brilliant partners and employees in changing the way people and machines receive, visualize, listen to and engage online media - and generate offline results. We partner with Ad Agencies, Online Marketing firms and businesses who seek permanent media placement, long-term results and what we call "Content Harmony". This describes the process we apply to all media types (video, audio, images and text) to make them speak to each other, to viewers, and to the web. We turn your content into valuable assets. In a healthy way that delivers high brand-value.

  • Advisor at

    Working with the founding team to develop the next generation digital media technology - and a brand-new channel approach.

  • Chief Evangelist at PRWeb

    An advisor to PRWeb and David McInnis, the CEO and founder. I am a client and ardent user of PRWeb. Started using it in 1998, then again from 2002 to current. I spent my time working to increase the market visibility of the platform, and shared techniques on how to optimize online PR and Online Media. Stupidly, I turned down an offer to join the executive team in 2004. My commitment to ThoughtOffice was etched in stone... During that time, and because of David, Al Castle and team's commitment and understanding of all things social media and syndication, PRWeb became the leader in online PR. Visit to get additional insight into what I created in terms of optimized PR for my clients, and for PRWeb.

  • Chief Marketing Officer at

    Chief Marketing Officer. Responsible for PR, strategy, funding, investor relations, marketing presentation (graphic design and web development) as well as business development. Worked for the CEO (Robert Lotter), an exceptional leader and one of the strongest visionaries in the life insurance industry.

  • Managing Director, Irvine Incubator at

    I worked with a handful of technologists, web developers and Angel Investors/VC's to accelerate (mostly internet) startups during the end of the first dot-com boom. When I arrived in my office, there were more than 500 business plans piled up, awaiting review. Throughout the next 9 months, we worked diligently to create an intelligent, wired workspace for startups; provide VC and Angel investor introductions,; review business plans and counsel startup companies, and engage sponsors for various projects to support the Southern California internet and technology space. From co-crafting the business plans, coaching CEO's and doing investor introductions, I handled every aspect of the TechCoast program.

  • E5 at USAF

  • Chief Evangelist at ThoughtOffice Corporation

    Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. Oh, and I answer wayyy too many emails. Currently developing the next-generation framework for our award-winning software application (ThoughtOffice) and evangelizing the technology within our clients' creative divisions, including Apple, P&G, NASA, Berkeley, UCLA, W&K, Land's End, and many others. ThoughtOffice helps people think. Think big. Think clear. Think on a new level. As a serial entrepreneur and advisor, having fresh insights is critical to my clients, and my own ventures. As a father of 3 children, helping people THINK, rather than rote learn, is essential for our future as a race and a requirement as a Dad. ThoughtOffice helps me support the creative and intellectual needs of our Fortune 5,000, Inc. 500 and educational clients. Pretty cool for a $99 desktop app, eh?

  • Chief Evangelist at IdeaFisher Systems, Inc.

    Chief Evangelist, developing and marketing the #1 brand in brainstorming software. Created 6 products, marketing and PR, ecommerce and web presence, advertising and strategic partnerships, training and development of next-generation technologies.

  • CEO, Chief Evangelist at ExitPath

    Providing product, company and leadership development in primarily technology and consumer product companies. Strong in Marketing, Sales process development, intra and extra company communications and growth strategies. Very strong in internet and ecommerce systems from very small to mid-sized companies. Emphasis on concept to cashflow to sellout, including elements like funding and team development.

Mark Alan Effinger's Education:

  • Wizard Academy, Austin

    Magical Worlds

Mark Alan Effinger's Interests & Activities:

Neuroscience. Nootropics. Biochemistry and Life Sciences. Marketing. Startups. Venture Capital. Angel Capital. Social Media. Online technologies. Superhuman Performance. World-changing people and technologies. Awesome food. Mark Effinger makes Kick-butt martinis.